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I always loved gold. Growing up, I quickly became to love the beauty of fine jewelry, especially my favorite pieces, which were passed down from my grandmothers.  Aiden hated spending money on the outrageously overpriced jewelry that was out there. So, she came up with a solution and created Parlay Jewelry.

Parlay Jewelry made its first debut on Etsy and was met with immediate success. In just four short months, Parlay Jewelry became a Star Seller with over 500 sales and 230+ reviews with a 5-star rating average.

Parlay sells refurbished, upcycled and vintage fine estate jewelry. We only sell wearable pieces in nearly new condition. After each is polished and cleaned, it's virtually impossible to tell our jewelry was pre-owned!

Parlay Jewelry aims to reduce the excess waste of manufacturing and environmental destruction due to gold mining. To do this, we recycle gold in every way possible and reconstruct items so that they can be worn for a lifetime. Many of our modified pieces are made from broken, or dated, vintage jewelry, but we only use the elements that are in a recoverable, wearable condition. All unusable items are repurposed for new gold. 

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