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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship to most countries. You can find more information in our shipping policies. If you are having trouble with an international checkout please contact us for help.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We accept returns as long as items are shipping back within 7 days of delivery. Any returns shipped back after the 7 days will be charged a restock fee equal to 15% of the item price each week. Example; 1 week late = 15%, 2 weeks late = 30%. An additional 15% will be added for each week.
  • Why do you take a restock fee?
    Many sellers don’t offer returns because it can be costly. We set up a small restock fee to keep prices low while still letting buyers purchase online with confidence.
  • How is your jewelry cleaned?
    We professionally polish all items to restore that near new luster and shine. Each item is gently cleaned using an ultrasonic, then steam cleaned and hand brushed with antibacterial cleaner.
  • How is your gold tested?
    We test all our gold with an Olympus XRF spectrometer. For thicker pieces, further core tests are performed to ensure karat accuracy and quality.
  • Why should I buy from Parlay Jewelry?
    All of our prices are based on gold weight. We list an accurate gram weight for every item. Gold jewelry should always be purchased with a heavy consideration on weight. If a retailer or seller does not include the weight, we urge you to be very cautious. We would never buy gold jewelry without knowing the weight and neither should you!
  • How do I look up gold weight?
    Gold price fluctuates daily but historically is very stable and of course increases in value over time. It is very easy to look up online. Today, March 5th 2022, an ounce of gold is valued at $1,923. Looking at the ounce price can be confusing so we suggest finding specific karat gram price. This would come to $44.40 per gram for 18k, $34.21 per gram for 14k, and $24.68 per gram for 10k. By simply finding the current market price and weight you can easily value your own gold at home. This practice should be applied for all future gold purchases.
  • How do I calculate the cost of my purchase versus the current market value?
    To buy smart, it is important to understand how much you are paying over the current market value. Simply take the total cost and divide it by the gram weight. For example, if a solid 14k item costs $500 and weighs 10 grams, you are paying $50 per gram. If you purchased this on March 5th 2022, when 14k was worth $34.21, you paid an extra $15.80 for each gram. This would total to only $158 over the gold weight value.
  • Why does gold come in different karats?
    Gold is generally blended with copper, silver, and a small amount of zinc resulting in karat gold. Higher karats result in higher purity and is more valuable per gram.
  • What is hollow gold?
    Hollow gold can be partially or significantly hollowed out. We recommend buying solid gold for longevity but some hollow pieces can be of excellent quality and functionality too. Many of our favorite items are made from hollow gold pipe such as hoops. This helps to achieve the desired look without excessive bulk and weight. Hollow items can be dented or damaged more easily than solid gold. We advise greater caution when handling and wearing hollow items.
  • How can I be confident I’m buying quality jewelry?
    We have extensive experience in gold purchasing and refining. We also have a fully equip jewelry workshop for modifications, repair and quality insurance.
  • Can I request modifications to items you sell?
    Yes! We are always happy to work with our customers and make changes to items. This includes shortening bracelets, chains, and anklets to get the perfect fit. We can also add different types of clasps.
  • Do you offer ring resizing?
    We offer free ring resizing on select pieces. If a ring is marked as “not resizable” this means we aren’t able to size it for you. You can always ask a specialty jeweler and see if they are able to provide this service.
  • Gemstone Information
    We have some experience with gemstones and seek to learn more but we are not gemologists. We measure stones to the best of our ability but carat weight is approximate. We usually don’t label if a gem is natural or lab made. However, any gem labeled as natural has been tested by a gemologist to ensure accuracy related to this statement.
  • How do I take care of the jewelry I purchase?
    Gold and most gemstones can be gently cleaned at home using a soft toothbrush and dish soap. Stones such as opals and pearls require extra caution. Some vintage pieces can also require extra care to ensure they aren’t damaged.
  • What type of packaging do you use?
    We use recyclable, environmentally-friendly shipping supplies. Buying online can cause an excessive amount of waste, especially with useless, unsustainable packaging. At Parlay, we aim to use the least amount of materials as possible while still ensuring your items arrive safely and in great condition. This also reduces extra costs that buyers unknowingly pay to get items in fancy, overpriced packages that will, most likely, end up in a landfill...or the ocean.
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